2022 Travel Schedule

(Connect with me when I am in the area and travel fees aren’t charged or 50% off!
January-February: Huntsville, Utah
March: TBD
April: The Big Island, Hawaii
May: TBD
June: The Grand Teton National Park
July: Iceland
August: Mt. Rainer, Washington
September: TBD
October: (Maui) Hawaii, (Tulum) Mexico
November: TBD
December: TBD

Travel Bucket List

I loveeee traveling as much as I love shooting, so when I get the chance to do BOTH, I am one happy lady. If you decide to elope & want to shoot in any of these places on my bucket list, ALL you have to do is pay for my travel to get there and my accommodations!!! YES. I KNOW! THAT'S FREAKING IT!!!!!! So what are you waiting for, let's discover the world together & let me capture your most special moments and memories!

Iceland | Morocco | Bali | Greece | Patagonia | Australia | Ireland | Anywhere in Europe!!!!

I've traveled to over 23 countries around the world so I can offer incredible advice on where to plan your epic adventure or elopement!!!

I am ALWAYS looking to add to this list...so throw your location at me and let's see if we can make it happen!!!