Before you scroll on...

I am so pumped that you are ready to get this thing rolling. But first...I need you to know what I want to give YOU. My session style is far from traditional. Expect your favorite songs to be played, plenty of jokes to be made, and a wild & fun time to be had.

Above all else, I want to capture the real and authentic you. Your silly secret hand-shake, those special teary-eyed moments, your goofy as heck giggle and the way your nose crinkles up when you laugh, your special talents, your windy, wild, and messy hair, all that and more.

Let me create these special memories in PLACES that are meaningful to you. Let's go shoot at the summer lake side where you both grew up, or somewhere deep into the evergreens because for you its there that you feel most alive & most in love, maybe it's running & twirling among the multi-colored wildflowers, or your secret little picnic spot close to home where you had your first date. Wherever and whatever it may be, I want to take you there. Take me to where you feel like....YOU. The real, raw, beautiful, wild, messy, and care-free, you. I want to tell and capture THAT story.

If after reading this, you are excited and ready to hop on board then GET READY!!! We are going to have a blast and I can't wait to create something magical with you.