hey stellar photographer, are you looking to improve your craft? craving to connect to your work again? seeking some change in your business? i’ve been in your shoes, trust ME! there are a couple topics that i am wildly passionate including these two things–people & photography.


i’ve been in the industry for the past 5 years & one of the things that has brought me the most joy has been in mentoring other artists whether that’s through one-on-one sessions, hosting workshops, or putting together content retreats.

here’s my approach… let’s go about things a little differently. I want to offer you full transparency and authenticity in your mentorship experience. before any sort of contract is signed, i want to make sure what you want to learn is something i can truly help you with first. i don’t just want to share with you what I know & send you on your way (i’d basically function the same as a copy machine hahah), but instead I deeply desire to spend time getting to know you + your business, come along side you as a friend & teacher, & offer honest tips + tricks that I’ve found help plant seeds of success.




Mentorships Options

virtual + video

a two hour face-time call, we can chat all things business, photography, travel, editing, client experience, workflow, pricing, etc!

*works great if you aren't able to meet in person
**one hour option is also available (a la carte)

coffeeshop + chat

let's meet at your favorite coffeeshop and go over everything from A - Z when it comes with to your business. we can edit along-side each other, review your social media, website critiques, unlimited q & a, editing & workflow, view my guides and templates, etc.

in-person + photoshoot

let's plan the shoot of your dreams and get hands on with creativity--we will set off to an epic location and create portraits or a couples shoot of your choice. we can either meet prior at a coffee-shop to go over questions or after!!!

I only take on 1-2 mentorships a month–this way I can give you the most attention & time as possible.

I have every photographer fill out a consultation form before booking, so I know specifically what I can and can’t help with–full transparency up front.

I offer 3 different packages you can find below–specializing in couple, elopement, senior, portrait, and wedding photography.